Tucson's "Laudato Si' Desert Circle" is Forming NOW!

Tucson's Laudato Si' in the Desert Circle
 is forming now!

Our first gathering will take place during the last two weeks of January.

 If you would like to learn more or participate, please email 
Katie Hirschboeck as soon as possible
and she will send you more details.

Have you been inspired by Laudato Si' ?
Are you active in fostering
Care for Creation activities
 . . . in your parish ?
 . . . in the Diocese of Tucson ?

 . . . as an individual ?

Are you feeling a call to pray more deeply
about what you are doing

in fellowship with others?

    Description based on the Global Catholic Climate Movement website

Laudato Si Circles are small groups of people who gather regularly to deepen their relationship with God as Creator and all members of creation. They are comprised of people committed to the process of ecological conversion, both as individuals and collectively, with the goal of engaging in urgently needed Laudato Si action.

LS Circles are rooted in three pillars of prayer, simplicity, and communal action.

1) prayer with and for creation (for instance through praying outside, an ecological examen, a special Mass)

2) reflection and discernment on participants’ ongoing process of ecological conversion,

particularly as it relates to issues of simplicity and consumption, and

3) engagement in group action to be developed by the Circle participants as ideas and inspiration emerge from (1) and (2)  


DATE:  First meeting will be scheduled between Jan 24 - 29 and selected based on interested participants' availability
FREQUENCY:  Monthly meetings for 1.5 hour 

  Location will vary with some meetings outdoors.  The first meeting will be in midtown.   Contact Katie for details.

LS CIRCLE PROGRAM SPONSOR: The Global Catholic Climate Movement