Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

An Assortment of "Footprint" Calculators

What is a "Footprint"? 
The negative impacts in your use of the environment's finite resources (usually based on the amount of fossil-fuel-based energy you use and the waste you produce in your everyday actions, as compared to the ability of nature to replenish these resources.)

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 What is a "Handprint"?
The "infinite" good that you can do to make positive impacts simply by changing the way you do things, at home, at work-- or anywhere (such as using a refillable water bottle instead of purchasing bottled water; carpooling, taking public transportation and encouraging your friends to ride with you, instead of all driving separately, etc.)  

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"Our Environmental Handprint, The Good We Do"
 by Jon Biemer, Willow Dixon and Natalia Blackburn